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Heritage and Culture

Ujana Muallim


Negeri Sembilan is the only state that has preserved and exercised the ‘Adat Perpatih’, founded by Datuk Perpatih Nan Sebatang. This is a customary law following the matrilineal system of administration and inheritance that governs society. Not only is the wife considered to be the head of the household, but the financial gains and material possessions are passed from the mother to the daughter.


The women are traditionally dressed in a baju kurung made with songket material and an elaborate velvet shoulder cover wrap. The most unique feature is the embroidered double-pointed headdress that has been folded in the shape of a bull’s horn and decorated with gold ornaments or gilt brass. As for the men, they wear a jacket adorned with gold threaded embroidery, woven samping (waist cloth) and a tanjak (headgear).

National Education Museum

Tanjung Malim Street Art


Here are the mixture of woodwind, percussion and string instruments played during wedding ceremonies, traditional dances and annual festivities: saluang, bansi, pupuik batang padi, serunai, rebab, aguang, gandang and biola. However, the taklempong or caklempong is one of the more popular ones that originated here. In addition, the bongai or traditional folk song is showcased in either a solo, duet or group format.


Sepak raga, or sepak takraw, is played by two opposing teams separated by a net court with the aim of keeping the ball aloft in the air (similar to volleyball). However, the game utilises a ball made from woven strips of bamboo or rattan without hand contact. The original form of the game, sepak raga bulatan, was simply played in a circle. Regardless, the modern version called sepak raga jaring has since been played professionally.

Ulu Slim Hot Spring

Tanjung Malim Street Art


Tarian Piring:
As a fast-paced dance, tarian piring or ‘plate dance’ involves odd numbered dancers balancing these tableware on their palms. The movements are akin to that of farmers that are busy harvesting. As it is performed at wedding ceremonies, it ends with a bridal prayer after the trampling of the plates.

Tarian Lilin:
Translating to ‘candle dance’, tarian lilin consists of female dancers gracefully dancing while ensuring a lighted candle placed atop a saucer does not fall from their cupped palm. Additionally, a ring is worn at the tip of each dancer’s middle finger in order to tap the saucer in rhythm to the music.

Tarian Randai:
Resembling more of a folk theater performance, tarian randai incorporates dance, drama, song, music, speech and martial arts. The leader or ‘Tukang Goreh’ leads the performance while fabled tales are reenacted.

Martial Art

Silat is a traditional Malay form of self-defense that resembles a warrior dance. As a result of the complex hand and body movements involved, it was often used in dangerous hand-to-hand combat. Apart from protection, silat is also demonstrated as an entertaining performance during cultural events and competitions.

Ulu Slim Hot Spring

Tanjung Malim Street Art


In terms of food, the flavour profile of the state is typically hot and spicy with chili padi as one of the most popular ingredients used. In addition, coconut milk is used to create traditional Malay dishes such as rendang, sambal gesek and lemang. Additionally, siew pao (steamed savoury bun) is a famous Chinese delicacy here.

Sungai Klah Hot Springs

Rembau Museum
(Replica of Raja Melewar Palace)

Opened in 2004, Raja Melewar Palace is a replica of the original 300 year-old palace, bearing the same name, that once stood in the same site. This historical structure also operates as a museum known as the Rembau Museum. Learn about the royal family and the state culture from the artefacts displayed including antique agricultural tools, ceremonial items, musical instruments, weaponry and even the tepak sirih (betel set).

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There is also an exhibit showcasing traditional wedding attire and accessories from the cucuk sanggul (hair pin) to dokoh (tiered pendant necklace). In addition, find the different replicated rooms, including the singgahsana or ceremonial dais. Furthermore, the Makam Raja Melewar, or Raja Melewar Tomb, is just a stone’s throw away (about 100 metres) from the museum where the royal and his wife are laid to rest.

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Kampung Nerasau, 71300 Rembau, Negeri Sembilan
Contact Number:
+606-438 3409
http://www.mdr.gov.my/ms/pelawat/replika-istana-raja-melewar Operating Hours:
10.00 am - 6.00 pm (Monday-Sunday)

Ladang Alam Warisan

Stretched across 23 acres of land, Ladang Alam Warisan is themed around a traditional Malay ‘kampung’ culture. Of the ample activities and services available, the highlight is the traditional archery, horseback archery and horseback riding lessons that have earned the accreditation from the World Horseback Archery Federation. Moreover, view the demonstrations conducted by instructors dressed in traditional Malay attire.

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Apart from having the opportunity to feed deers and shave fresh coconuts, guests can catch catfish with their bare hands before cooking it themselves. They can also watch the music and dance performances that incorporate the gamelan, cak lempong and anak bocek. After dining the traditional cuisine of Negeri Sembilan that is prepared by their ‘bonda’, feel free to stay over at one of their various chalets.

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Jalan Kampung Juar, Kampung Tanah Datar, 71550 Seri Menanti, Negeri Sembilan
Contact Number:
+6012-346 0709
Operating Hours:
9.00 am - 6.30 pm (Tuesday-Sunday) / Closed on Monday

River Terrapin Conservation Centre

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